Graduate Research Assistant

Institution: Empirical Software Engineering Laboratory


The Empirical Software Engineering Laboratory (ESEL) is a Computer Science research unit at Florida Atlantic University. Its areas of expertize include statistical software quality modeling, computational intelligence applied to software engineering, software testability measurement and case-based reasoning applied to software engineering. I worked there as a Graduate Research Assistant during and after my Master’s program.

My focus was mainly on software quality, noise handling techniques and data mining. Taken advantage of my previous experiences in the industry, I created an experiment-oriented framework using TCL, C++, Weka, and Cygwin. By deploying this framework on most of the machines of the laboratory, I managed to significantly reduced the time it took to optimize input parameters of machine learners in Weka. The generated results allowed us to test our hypothesis quicker and to make significant advance in our field of research.

After writing my Master’s thesis on two new filtering techniques for large and distributed datasets, I published five papers, including one book chapter.