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As a network, Policy Forum works together to open up and influence policy processes that improve the lives of all people, especially those who are socially disadvantaged and impoverished, in order to empower them to self-organize and become part of a social movement for change.

As a consultant in Tanzania, I developed and designed this site. The preparation stage included the visit of the office in Dar es Salaam to assess the needs and come up with the type of the required content. Training on how to create and edit content with Drupal was also provided to the employees.

Drupal (version 5) has been chosen with the addition of some standard modules and custom modules. Since Policy Forum and TNRF are partners and have a similar organization, the same custom modules have been deployed for both sites. Less complex than TNRF, the Policy forum site however includes unique functionalities:

  • Dual content in English and in Swahili which can achieved by using sub-domains.
  • Integration of the Organic group module to set up space for the different focus groups of the organization such as the Local Government Working Group and Budget Working Group.
  • Different site banner based on the current section of the site.
Dual content in English and Swahili