The R Days took place at the end of June 2017 in Anglet, France. The slides of the various presentations have been made public on github

I just attended the first day (the program is available on the site. Here are the highlights:

  • 9h-10h : Invited speaker; Marie-Pierre Etienne. Ecology Analysis using R
    • Interesting application of statistical models in analyzing how and where the animals travel.
    • The slides are here.
  • 10h30-11h30 : Session in parallel S2 (Model)
  • 13h45-15h00 : Round table of various companies and the use of R. It covers topics such as:
    • Compatibility (or not) of the open-source model
    • R and its replacement of SAS solutions (or even Excel solutions)
    • Deploying R in a production environment (with IT and end-user expectations)
  • 15h00-16h00 : Invited speaker: Joel Gombin. He covers the topic of Data Journalist
  • 16h30-17h30 : Session in parallel. I went for session S4 (visualization)
    • Olivier Eterradossi provided a very complete overview of the color management in R. I recommend checking out the slides