Finding a specific column while browsing a wide table with SAS Entreprise Guide may be a little bit tricky.

One tip that will save you time is to use the shortcut Control + G with the data editor. It creates the “Go to Cell” pop-up window that allows you to go to a specific column by either specifying the column position or the column name. In addition, you can cycle through the columns starting with a particular letter by selecting the drop-down list and pressing the key corresponding to this letter.

In the screenshot below, this shortcut is used with the SASHELP.CARS dataset. Pressing the key “M” cycles through the columns starting with “M” (i.e., Make, Model, MSRP, MPG_City, MPG_Highway).

![The Control + G shortcut is used to scroll to specific columns]/assets/articles/03_SAS_EG_Shortcut/GoToCellWindows.jpg) ![Dataset]/assets/articles/03_SAS_EG_Shortcut/Grid.jpg)