Knowledify, Practice and Learn SQL

Published in: SQL · App · Android
Type: Software Application

Becoming fluent in SQL takes practice. Reading up, studying the theory or simply knowing the syntax will take you so far; but only regular practice on the full range of the language will make you fluent.

Practicing SQL should also be hassle-free and (yes!) fun. With Knowledify, you will play the role of a freshly hired employee. Through a series of assignments more and more complex around the new database system that you new employer has deployed, you will move up within the company and become masterful in the art of SQL.


  • Assignments increase in complexity and breadth as you progress
  • Explore through practical training advanced usage of the language
  • Consult contextual reference articles as you are practicing
  • Intellisense and code-completion allows you to quickly write up complex queries

Why should you install Knowledify?

  • Practice on statements and SQL constructs that you may have forgotten
  • Prepare for exams (certification, interview, or university-level exams)
  • Maintain and also enrich your knowledge in SQL

The application is available on Android.